Abstract #10: Plasticity of GluN2B at Ventral Hippocampal Synapses in the Infralimbic Cortex

Yesenia Castillo Ocampo, María Colón ¹, Anixa Hernández ¹, Pablo Lopez ², and James T. Porter ¹ 1 Department of Basic Sciences, Ponce Research Institute, Ponce Health Sciences University, Ponce 2 Department of HIV, Ponce Research Institute, Ponce Health Sciences University, Ponce Our laboratory recently found an increase of GluN1 subunit expression at ventral hippocampus […]

Abstract #9: Progressive hyperpolarization-activated cation current (Ih) reduction: a response mechanism to decrease cocaine-induced excitability in VTA DA neurons

Karl Y. Bosque-Cordero ¹ , Rafael Vazquez-Torres¹ , Cristhian Calo-Guadalupe ¹, Daisy Consuegra-Garcia ² , Giulia R. Fois ³,⁴ , François Georges³,⁴, and Carlos A. Jimenez-Rivera ² 1 Biology Department, UPR Rio Piedras Campus, San Juan, PR. 2 Physiology Department, UPR Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, PR. 3 Neurodegeneratives Diseases Institute, University of Bordeaux, IMN-UMR-CNRS […]

Abstract #8: Sex-dependent effects of microglial depletion in an animal model of PTSD

Orlando I. Torres-Rodríguez ¹ , Karina Ruiz-Rivera ², James T. Porter ¹ 1 Ponce Health Sciences University/Ponce Research Institute 2 Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez The single prolonged stress (SPS) model was designed to induce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-like behaviors, which has been associated with increased inflammation in rodents. Consistent with this, SPS-exposed rats display a […]

Abstract #5: Uptake of biotinylated spermine in astrocytes: effect of Cx43 siRNA, HIV-Tat protein and polyamine transport inhibitor on polyamine uptake

Christian J. Malpica-Nieves Polyamines (PAs) are polycationic biomolecules containing multiple amino groups. Patients with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND) have high concentrations of the polyamine Nacetylated spermine in their brain and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) and have increased PA release from astrocytes. These effects are due to the exposure to HIV-Tat protein since it produces conversion […]

Abstract #4: The role of the Planar Cell Polarity pathway in regulating activity-dependent synaptic plasticity

Carihann Dominicci-Cotto and Bruno Marie Institute of Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus; Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Synapses are shaped by plastic events that promote or limit changes in synaptic strength. Modifications in synaptic strength due to electrical activity are often accompanied by structural changes in synapse shape and number. At the […]

Abstract #3: Pyk2/MAPK and Akt/GSK3b Pathways Activation in GL261 Mice Glioma Cells By HIV-1 Glycoprotein Gp120

Valentín-Guillama G., Kucheryavykh, L. Patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) are more prone to developing cancers, including glioblastomas (GBMs). The median survival for GBM patients with HIV is significantly shorter than for HIV-negative GBM patients, even though they receive the same treatments. This difference indicates that HIV infection is associated with more […]