Abstract #23: Intermittent Cocaine Self-Administration Infusions Increases Subthreshold Activity in Putative Dopaminergic Neurons of The Ventral Tegmental Area

Cristhian Calo-Guadalupe¹ , Omaris Velez-Acevedo², Karl Y. Bosque-Cordero², Daisy Consuegra-Garcia¹, Rafael Vazquez-Torres¹ , Carlos A. Jimenez-Rivera¹ 1 Physiology Department, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus 2 Biology Department, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus Intermittent Access (IntA) cocaine self-administration is a protocol recommended to better simulate human addictive behavior due to the intermittent […]

Abstract #22: Pre-trial internal states influence behavioral outcomes in reward approach/punishment avoidance in male rats

María Bonilla-Gutiérrez, Albit Caban-Murillo, Gabriel Rojas-Bowe, Hector Bravo- Rivera, Gregory J. Quirk, and Christian Bravo-Rivera In nature when species look for food, they can encounter threatening conditions and thus experience a conflict between wanting to approach the food or to avoid the threat. During this conflict, species should make a decision that promotes their survival. […]